The Designer & House

Sebastien Amisial is a first generation Haitian-American fashion designer, born in Washington, DC and raised in Silver Spring, MD.

Imagery has had a profound effect on Sebastien growing up, as he’s always been interested in sketching, painting, and character design within the art world. Huge illustrative inspirations for him included Japanese artist Kazuto Nakazawa as well as Haitian painter Gesner Abelard (who opened his eyes to the beauty of his inherent culture). These influences, juxtaposed with famous European painters such as Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Francis Bacon, and Pablo Picasso, strengthened his artistic palette into maturity. 

 Sebastien’s early adolescent years were spent creating designs for manga driven plot-lines, focusing on unique looks that complemented a character’s personality. During one extended session, it dawned on him to try an experiment: erase the head and limbs of a finished character, leaving only a silhouette of his jacket, shirt and pants. It was in this moment Sebastien entertained the idea of creating outfits with deep complexities—ones that could tell a complete look through design alone.

His journey into fashion design had begun.

During Sebastien’s tenure at art school (starting in Maryland and progressing to California), he became fixated on the street wear culture of major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and most importantly, Japan. Having attached to Japanese culture from an early age, he wanted to deepen his understanding, prioritizing his research and practice into the country’s more traditional attire. He tooled with adapting silk-screening onto shirts and hoodies while simultaneously learning to construct garments from scratch. Using his knowledge of illustration and graphic design, Sebastien was ready to pursue a career in fashion full-time after schooling was complete.

During a long apprenticeship at the luxury retail gallery Guerilla Atelier (which for years was the preeminent fashion shop in the Los Angeles Arts District), Sebastien was able to fully understand what would become his artistic vision: the quality & elegance of luxury clothing melded with the comfort & edginess of street wear design.

From this synthesis, the house of SEBASTIEN AMI. was born.


The goal of the house is to create timeless pieces that carry no gender or season classification. Every item is crafted with the intention to create timeless design, with a traditional outlook of an heirloom. In doing so, generating an artistic approach of storytelling through textile selection and general construction.


Sebastien Amisial currently produces & resides in Los Angeles, but frequents DC, New York, London and most recently Dubai.